Samsung Gear 2, Depends, Life Alert, and HR Problems

[Written March 2, 2015]

Yesterday, my nerdy Samsung Gear 2 watch (with a face that I can make different colors to match my clothes!!) rang because I was getting a call. I could not figure out what it was and I was completely bamboozled for a moment.

From across the hall, I heard, “Brenda! It’s your Life Alert!”

Later on, the guy next door (who used to be my friend) wandered in from his  office and said, “Hey, Brenda, did I hear your Life Alert go off??”

The next day, J, the guy upstairs calls. (J is my age.)

He said, “Hey…Brenda…this is your Life Alert...”

I replied, “What’s wrong, J???!! Did you run out of Depends?”

He said, “No…I am stocked up and not likely to run out…usually just during football season. That’s when I’m wearing mine!”

Me: “Okay…great…so, J, do you want to ride with me to HR to file complaints against one another?”

Him: “Yeah. They are on my speed dial. I’ll make two appointments.”

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