Martian Law

[Written May 5, 2015]

Just got off the phone with Mother. What began with a nice chat, ended abruptly over what Mrs. X, told Mother that she read on the internet. In typical Janet-style, Mother delivered half of a nonsensical discussion peppered with familiar political names and apocalyptic phrases. THIS is the very reason I swore off discussing current events with my mother.

“Mom, that’s like me getting my world news from the nail salon…it is ridiculous.”

Mom: “Well, you asked me about it. I don’t even know what martian law is.”

Me: “No, no, no…no, I didn’t ask you. But, I need to get off the phone and go wrap my head with foil. The internet says it will keep those martians from talking smack to me…you know…like they are to Mrs. X.”

Mom: Ha, ha, ha. I meant “martial.”

Me: Yeah, I know! Ha, ha! I still don’t want to talk about it.

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