Tools to Make my Life & Work Easier

As a writer, a shopper, a person, an independent contractor, etc., I use a variety of online tools to make my life easier.  Here is a list of the tools I used throughout my day.

I start my Toggl timer first thing in the morning when I start working.  I pulled up MindManager to look at an outline of an online course that I’m editing.

When I got a call from the office, I whipped out my LiveBinders to look at an itinerary for international travelers leaving at 9 o’clock tonight.  When my client wanted to collaborate on an article, was the ticket.

You get the picture.  Seriously, I used ALL of these today.  I am a terrible housekeeper, but I am productive writer and work-from-home kind of gal.

Internet tools make me be able to spread myself thinner than ever before!  (That’s sarcasm…not going to put in an “LOL.”)

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