In my 20s, I didn’t have style, I had a helluva bosom.

In my 20s, I didn’t have style, I had a helluva bosom.

In my 30s, I made adorable two-piece suits with short skirts and tailored jackets to make the best of that bosom.  I wore them with classic pumps.

In my 40s, I grieved the passing of my husband and mourned not being in my 20s or 30s, so I schlepped around a lot without a bit of style. When I got dressed, it was usually a subtle navy or black pantsuits and pearls.

After I turned 50, I realized that all this that’s ME wasn’t going to get any better and I’d better make peace with that and rock it.

When I’m this lady’s age, I hope I’m rocking it even harder!  Read about her on the Advanced Style blog.

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Preview Tool on ZenniOptical – Upload a picture of yourself!

One reason I use the ZenniOptical website almost exclusively for ordering glasses online is not only are the prescription eyeglasses’ frames super affordable, there is a handy preview tool that allows me to see what the frames will look like on my face.

Once you are on the ZenniOptical website, look to the right.  You will see an image of a person’s face.  When you click on a pair frames, you will see them appear on the face.

Right underneath the image of the face is an arrow pointing upward.  Click that to upload a picture of yourself.  Now you can virtually try on as many frames as you like! 

I bought the frames I am wearing in the preview below.

Here is a preview of what I will look like. Click here to see the real glasses on me.

Here is a preview of what I will look like. Click here to see the real glasses on me.

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Picking the Right Frame Size when Ordering Prescription Glasses Online

Honestly, I have never done this.  All I have done to select a frame size is to make sure that it is big enough handle a pair of progressive bifocal lenses. So far, I have not been unhappy with the size of any frame that I’ve ordered online. I use the filters at the top of the landing page to navigate the site and find frames that will work for me. has created a nice infographic on its website to show how this is done.  It is included below.

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Zenni Optical How to Pick Frame Size

Picking Out the Right Frames on Zenni Optical (Navigating the site quickly)

There are over 11,000 frames on the ZenniOptical website.  You don’t want to have to go through all of them. Here is how I navigate the site quickly to find what I want.

Step 1 – If you have time, upload a picture of yourself so that you can use the preview tool.  It works amazingly well.  I uploaded my picture and I can see how the frames will look on my face.

Step 2 – Once you are on the Zenni website, search for the color of eyeglasses frames you want.

Step 3 – Use the dropdown box that says “Refine your Search” to input your gender, pupillary distance, prescription type, and so forth.

Once you have input the filters to refine your search, you will have a list of all the prescription eyeglasses frames that will be suitable for your needs.  Within a few moments, you’ll be ready to order your eyeglasses online!

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Engraving your Name or a Slogan on Zenni Eyeglasses

Zenni allows you to customize eyeglasses that you order online by engraving up to 15 letters on them.  The cost is only $3.95.  Two options are offered.

  • Engraving the inside of the frame – put your name, phone number, or email so they are returned to you if lost.
  • Engraving the outside of the frame – for instance with a slogan or your name.  See examples below.

Not all eyeglasses frames are suitable for engraving.  If you want to engrave your glasses that you order online, use the filters on Zenni Optical’s website to view only frames that can be engraved.

Refine your search on the Zenni website for Engravable Frames

Filter frames to show only those that can be engraved.

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Cheap TAMU Aggie Frames for Prescription Glasses Maroon/Dark Red Starting at $6.95

Zenni Optical carries many frames in classic Texas A&M Aggie maroon.

Scroll down to see a few maroon frames that are on my favorites list.  To find more choices of frames in maroon, go to the website and look for the search box at the top of the page.  Input “red” and hit “Go.”  Over 50% of the frames are actually very dark red or maroon and are perfectly suited for Aggies.  Scroll through the hundreds of eyeglasses’ frames to find the ones you like.

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Measuring your Pupillary Distance

The infographic from the ZenniOptical website shown below explains exactly how to measure the distance between your pupils.  That distance is called “pupillary distance” or PD.

Some eye doctors include this information on your prescription, but in my experience, most do not.

You will need a ruler that shows millimeters (MM).  If you do not have one, you can print out this PDF, it is one that I found on Zenni’s website: Ruler to Measure your PD

How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance

How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance

Review – Professional Black Rectangle Prescription Glasses

There are some days that I can’t be whimsical.  (Boo!)

For days like that, I wear this pair, my most recent purchase ordered online from ZenniOptical.  The frames were $23.  Total drive-out for the frames and progressive bifocal lenses was $52.

I don’t have a picture of myself wearing these, but this pair is currently my best go-to pair of progressive bifocal glasses that I ordered online for days that I have to wear prescription glasses and I need to “dumb down” the fun 50s part of me.

To the left is the way my Zenni Optical Prescription looks after I put in all the information about my eyesight.

Here is another pair of serious glasses for the boardroom.

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Review – Brown and Clear Rims (Unisex) Prescription Eyeglasses from ZenniOptical

Brown Glasses - Actual - Frames $27

These are my all-time favorites…I adore these frames from ZenniOptical.  They are also a pair I paid more than usual for.  The frames were $27 and I ordered a higher grade of lenses.  Total for progressive bifocal lenses that were upgraded to 1.67 Digital Free Form Progressive (No-line multi-focal) which cost a little more.  Total drive-out for these prescription glasses were $97.

They don’t look like much in this ad, but you can see that they look differently on me.  I think they look better on me than any other business/professional frames I have.

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Review — Texas A&M Engraved Maroon Game Day Glasses (

Love these glasses for Fridays (Game Days). They are great to wear because they have large clear rims and I had them engraved! They are prescription glasses, progressive bifocals, and engraved - $67.Glasses for Fridays at TAMU (Game Days). $47.

These glasses  are so much fun for Aggie football season. Love wearing them on Fridays in town and on campus for game days.  Aggies like Aggie stuff!

They are lightweight and easy to wear because they have large clear rims (doesn’t obstruct my vision)–PLUS, I had them engraved!

My fun Aggie maroon/clear glasses are sturdy prescription glasses with progressive bifocal lenses, and they are engraved on the side (“Gig ’em Aggies!”). The frames were $15.95. With the progressive lenses and engraving, total drive out was less than $67–INCLUDING express shipping, and they were delivered in less than a week.

I was in a bind when I bought these. I needed glasses fast because my right eye was developing a macular pucker and my retinal doc prescribed eyedrops that I could not use while wearing contacts. I had called the local eyeglasses outlets in College Station because I needed glasses in a hurry. I was told by all of them that my progressive bifocals would take three weeks to arrive. I know from experience that progressive bifocal eyeglasses cost $300 to  $500.

I decided to see how fast Zenni could get them to me. I was shocked that they offered express shipping and that my new glasses would arrive in less than a week — all for $47 plus express shipping and handling which was $18.95. (Regular shipping is either free, or about $5. They have always been delivered within two weeks.)

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