Review – Longer, Thicker Lashes (with Younique 3D Fiber Mascara)

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara is one of my very, very favorite things.  It’s the real deal.  Don’t order this on Amazon or eBay because you’re probably getting a knock off of China.  Take a look at my pictures below.  If you like what you see, visit my Younique website to order.

I try to keep lots of these in stock (12 on hand today) and can ship within 48 hours or faster via Priority Mail with tracking if you want to order it direct from me.  I take PayPal and credit cards.  Here are my direct prices:

The price for one is $29 plus $2.40 tax.  If I ship it to you via Priority Mail, add $5.95 to that.  I can ship two for one shipping price of $5.95.  If you buy three, I will pay for the shipping, shipping is free.  If you buy four, I’ll pay the shipping and you will get a $5 discount.


For now, I’m not automated.  You’ll either need to send me a payment via PayPal (to brendasstone at gmail) for the amount specified for one, two, three, or four 3D Mascara set, or send an email to the same address to tell me when I can call you to get your credit card number.


Review – Michael Kors Women’s Jalita Charm Sandal

One of my favorite finds!

I so enjoy this leather platform Michael Kors sandal with a rubber sole.  The heel measures approximately 3 inches.  They are round open-toe platform wedge sandals with MK charm.

For feet that have carried us through our adventures for over 50 years, these are dreamy.  I enjoy them because they provide style and height while not being too tall.  I wear them ten to twelve hours at a time and cover a lot of steps during my day.

Review – Coach Tennis Shoes – Brown

My new favorite shoes for the winter are below.  I bought my first pair of Coach sneakers in black from Macy’s.  I liked them so much, I ordered the brown ones from Amazon and used my Amazon Visa points to pay for them. My price was $79 for this pair.  You may be able to find them for less if you shop around, but I was satisfied with the delivery speed and price…especially since I used Amazon Visa points to pay for them.

These shoes are comfortable and stylish.  Sizes available on Amazon vary.  Do a search for Coach Women’s Remonna Sneaker to see a list of the offerings of Coach tennis shoes on Amazon.

Spigen Case for my Note 3

Finally, a case that doesn’t cause my fingers to cramp when I adjust the volume!

Colorful rubber or plastic cases are pretty, but my Spigen is comfortable and classic.

Spigen SGP10453 Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Retail Packaging – Satin Silver

From Amazon, “The Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hybrid is an assembly-type case with a TPU back cover and a polycarbonate frame. The Neo Hybrid is form-fitted to effectively protect your device from external impact. The Galaxy Note 3 neo Hybrid is designed to highlight the curves of the Galaxy Note 3. It fits precisely onto the phone for a natural and sleek look. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hybrid is a 2 part case that can be dissembled into a TPU back cover and a polycarbonate frame. The Neo Hybrid uses premium TPU material for extra durability. The TPU back cover will not sag or expand due to heat from the device.”