Adult Books (Coloring Books, that is.)

Remember coloring books?  

Well, now we can have our own!  We don’t have to share with the children or grandchildren anymore!  They’re supposed to be stress-relief tools.  My judgment says they will stress me to the wall because I can color worth a flip. And, I will be stressed because I don’t have time. None the less, I am about to order the Creative Cat Coloring Book!  Of course, that will require art supplies to go with it.  (Good thing I have a lot of points saved upon on my Amazon Rewards Card for such frivolities.  It is guilt free spending.)

My good friend DB bought a coloring book last week.  She started coloring last night.  I asked her this afternoon (her morning) how the coloring was going.  DB said her hand was tired and she’d be ordering gel pens to go along with her other art supplies.

I’m tagging this post as Stocking Stuffers!  This will be a fun gift for our 50 plus girlfriends.

My Own Facebook Profile Picture Game

While many of you who are on Facebook enjoy running your profile picture through a Facebook app to find out your sexy name, your grandma name, or what you’d look like if you were a snake, I have a Google game that I made up.

Google Chrome has a feature that helps people find pirates using their pictures without permission. Using Chrome, I right click on a picture and tell Google to search for it. Well…tonight I told Google to look up a picture of the mother of the groom and her bestie from the office that we had taken at the wedding. Here is what Google thinks we look like.

What Google Thinks I Look Like

By the way, don’t use any of my pictures without permission!   Google can spot me a mile away!  Take a look at the great job Google did of matching my picture this time.

I could entertain myself ALL night long with this game!

Dressing Rooms in the Maternity Dept. at Macy’s

[Written May 2, 2015]

Now that I am finished shopping at Macy’s Friends/Family Sale, here’s my shopping tip:

Don’t stand in line downstairs waiting to try on clothes. Load up with as much as you can carry and head upstairs to the maternity and ladies plus size dept. where the dressing rooms are roomier and there is seldom another woman in sight.

I did that today after surveying the dressing rooms on the first floor, the mobs, and standing in a long line for about 30 seconds. I thought about how quiet the second floor was and headed that way. Once upstairs, I tried on clothes, made my purchases, and was out of there within ten minutes….oh, how I loved those big dressing rooms.