Preview Tool on ZenniOptical – Upload a picture of yourself!

One reason I use the ZenniOptical website almost exclusively for ordering glasses online is not only are the prescription eyeglasses’ frames super affordable, there is a handy preview tool that allows me to see what the frames will look like on my face.

Once you are on the ZenniOptical website, look to the right.  You will see an image of a person’s face.  When you click on a pair frames, you will see them appear on the face.

Right underneath the image of the face is an arrow pointing upward.  Click that to upload a picture of yourself.  Now you can virtually try on as many frames as you like! 

I bought the frames I am wearing in the preview below.

Here is a preview of what I will look like. Click here to see the real glasses on me.

Here is a preview of what I will look like. Click here to see the real glasses on me.

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Picking Out the Right Frames on Zenni Optical (Navigating the site quickly)

There are over 11,000 frames on the ZenniOptical website.  You don’t want to have to go through all of them. Here is how I navigate the site quickly to find what I want.

Step 1 – If you have time, upload a picture of yourself so that you can use the preview tool.  It works amazingly well.  I uploaded my picture and I can see how the frames will look on my face.

Step 2 – Once you are on the Zenni website, search for the color of eyeglasses frames you want.

Step 3 – Use the dropdown box that says “Refine your Search” to input your gender, pupillary distance, prescription type, and so forth.

Once you have input the filters to refine your search, you will have a list of all the prescription eyeglasses frames that will be suitable for your needs.  Within a few moments, you’ll be ready to order your eyeglasses online!

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Review – Professional Black Rectangle Prescription Glasses

There are some days that I can’t be whimsical.  (Boo!)

For days like that, I wear this pair, my most recent purchase ordered online from ZenniOptical.  The frames were $23.  Total drive-out for the frames and progressive bifocal lenses was $52.

I don’t have a picture of myself wearing these, but this pair is currently my best go-to pair of progressive bifocal glasses that I ordered online for days that I have to wear prescription glasses and I need to “dumb down” the fun 50s part of me.

To the left is the way my Zenni Optical Prescription looks after I put in all the information about my eyesight.

Here is another pair of serious glasses for the boardroom.

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Review – Brown and Clear Rims (Unisex) Prescription Eyeglasses from ZenniOptical

Brown Glasses - Actual - Frames $27

These are my all-time favorites…I adore these frames from ZenniOptical.  They are also a pair I paid more than usual for.  The frames were $27 and I ordered a higher grade of lenses.  Total for progressive bifocal lenses that were upgraded to 1.67 Digital Free Form Progressive (No-line multi-focal) which cost a little more.  Total drive-out for these prescription glasses were $97.

They don’t look like much in this ad, but you can see that they look differently on me.  I think they look better on me than any other business/professional frames I have.

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Review – ZenniOptical Classic Colorful Wayfarer (Blue)

These are glasses that I have ordered and love from ZenniOptical.

Ugh…what a gorgeous Kodak moment!  Right after having my eyes dilated…gonna send this one to the grandkids because that’s 100% grandma stuff right there.

How ZenniOptical has Saved Me About $2,000 in the Last Two Years

Why do I blog so much about ZenniOptical?

Well, I believe it’s a great website and it was a lifesaver for me. saved me a couple of thousand dollars after my retina detachment. (Yep, I am going to talk about my retina detachment again…sorry, but it was a defining moment in my life.)  After my retina detached, I couldn’t see, of course..  However, once my vision started coming back, I needed glasses in the worst way because I couldn’t wear contact lenses–I didn’t have glasses with a current prescription because I always wore contacts.

My adorable and wonderful retina doctor, Dr. Hassan Rahman, the greatest retina doctor in Houston (or the world) as far as I am concerned, discouraged me from spending money on eye exams and  glasses because my eyes would change so much over the next three months that it would cost a fortune to keep my eyeglasses prescription current. However, I was my sole mode of transportation and I had to be able to see as well as possible out of my left eye so that I could drive, so I had to figure something out.

Several years earlier, I had ordered from for glasses for nearsightedness.  I wondered if Zenni could do as great of a job on progressive bifocal lenses.  I called and had my optometrist’s office fax over my latest eyeglasses prescription.  Once I received it, I strapped on my pirate’s patch, sat down in front of my computer, and dialed up my old friend Zenni.  Since my old prescription was in their database, I didn’t have to measure my PD (pupillary distance).

Peering through my one good eye into the screen, I filled in all the little boxes and without hesitation, I paid the upcharge to have a pair of glasses express-shipped to me.  For less than $75 I had an adorable pair of blue glasses delivered to me within a few days.  If I had bought my glasses in town, they would have cost around $300-$500 AND they would take about three weeks to arrive.

I love these! I have a maroon and clear pair, too. Classic Colorful Wayfarer Eyeglasses & Sunglasses 270516 $15.95

Disclosure:  This blog has lots of referral links in it. I talked to ZenniOptical and told them I wanted to post referral links because in real life/word of mouth I have referred 20+ sales to their website in the last year.  I have become part of their referral network.

Favorite Styles of Turquoise Reading Glasses

For the most part, I prefer reading glasses with a square, oversized, or “Wayfarer” shape style.  (The lenses in these glasses are not progressive.)  Oh, and in case you wonder why I am such an “expert” on this subject, read this.

“Cody” Oversized Women’s Rectangular Fashion Readers By ICU – $24.95

Turquoise and bamboo

Rectangular Women’s Reading Glasses Gel Front Bamboo Temples By ICU – $24.95

A.J. Morgan Women's Tammy Rectangular Reading Glasses, Turquoise & Tortoise, 1.5 - $42.00

A.J. Morgan Women’s Tammy Rectangular Reading Glasses, Turquoise & Tortoise, 1.5 – $42.00

Hot Optix Unisex Matte Plastic Wayfarer Reading Glasses,Turquoise Frame/ Clear Lens

Hot Optix Unisex Matte Plastic Wayfarer Reading Glasses,Turquoise Frame/ Clear Lens – $25.99

Prince Street Ophthalmic-grade Reading Glasses Including Hard Case - $79.88

Prince Street Ophthalmic-grade Reading Glasses Including Hard Case – $79.88