Review – Professional Black Rectangle Prescription Glasses

There are some days that I can’t be whimsical.  (Boo!)

For days like that, I wear this pair, my most recent purchase ordered online from ZenniOptical.  The frames were $23.  Total drive-out for the frames and progressive bifocal lenses was $52.

I don’t have a picture of myself wearing these, but this pair is currently my best go-to pair of progressive bifocal glasses that I ordered online for days that I have to wear prescription glasses and I need to “dumb down” the fun 50s part of me.

To the left is the way my Zenni Optical Prescription looks after I put in all the information about my eyesight.

Here is another pair of serious glasses for the boardroom.

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Review – Brown and Clear Rims (Unisex) Prescription Eyeglasses from ZenniOptical

Brown Glasses - Actual - Frames $27

These are my all-time favorites…I adore these frames from ZenniOptical.  They are also a pair I paid more than usual for.  The frames were $27 and I ordered a higher grade of lenses.  Total for progressive bifocal lenses that were upgraded to 1.67 Digital Free Form Progressive (No-line multi-focal) which cost a little more.  Total drive-out for these prescription glasses were $97.

They don’t look like much in this ad, but you can see that they look differently on me.  I think they look better on me than any other business/professional frames I have.

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