Recipe – Bob’s Texas Tomato & Bacon Soup

I won’t post many recipes, but this one is good and special to me. My grandfather whose name was Bob taught me how to make it when I was very young.  I wrote the recipe down for a friend.  She made it today and shared the picture with me.  I thought it’d be nice to have the recipe handy to share with readers and friends.

Bob's Texas Tomato and Bacon Soup

Bob’s Texas Tomato and Bacon Soup

Bob’s Texas Tomato & Bacon Soup

  • 6 – 10 slices of bacon (or more)
  • One large onion – chopped
  • Two cans of stewed tomatoes (size: 15.5 oz)
  • One can of tomato sauce (size 15.5 oz)
  • Two cups of milk
  • Cornstarch 2 – 3 tablespoons (my favorite thickener, some use flour).
  • Black Pepper & Salt


  • ¼ cup of water
  • 1 or 2 cornbread mixes, 1 egg, 2/3 cup of milk needed for each mix.
  • Go ahead and prepare the cornbread and put in the oven.

Run the stewed tomatoes through a food processor to puree.  I have also used a stick blender. Some people like the chunks and prefer not to puree the tomatoes as finely as I do. When you are finished, set aside.

Using a soup pot: Fry the slices of bacon until crisp. Remove and set on paper towels to drain.

Use the drippings to sauté the onion. Poor off the excess and drop the onions into the hot bacon grease.  Cook the onion until transparent.

Add the pureed tomatoes and the tomato sauce to the onions. Cook at medium high heat. Bring to a foaming boil.

Add two cups of milk and observe that it will look like it has curdled. Reduce to low heat for a few minutes and it will begin to mix well and become smooth in appearance.

Put about two tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup or glass. Add about three tablespoons of cool water and mix well. Pour the ¼ cup of water to the cornstarch mix and stir well. Use to thicken soup to your liking. Add water if you get it too thick and cook a few minutes longer.

Use plenty of black pepper to season and salt to taste.

Crumble the bacon on top of it, or put the bacon in a bowl for adding at the table.

Serve with, or over, lots of cornbread. This recipe makes about a two quarts of soup.