Review – Skip Bo Craze Revival

You have probably played the card game Skip Bo and if you have, you love it or you hate it.  I was introduced to it on a cruise.  It was our go-to way to spend time out at sea.

Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, I am fortunate to have four 50-plus friends who like playing cards; I carried my Skip Bo cards to our last gathering and we’ve all gotten addicted not only to playing the Skip Bo card game cards together, we have all downloaded the Skip Bo app and we’re playing that, too!

Skip Bo can accommodate five players.  There used to be four of them and they had a great time playing Spades. Now that I’m in the group, playing Spades is out of the question.  Spades is the favorite game for all of us, but Spades  for five isn’t fun.  Next weekend, my high ol’ time for celebrating Labor Day will be in the midst of a Skip Bo throw down.

If you haven’t tried Skip Bo for a while, download the app on your Kindle Fire or phone and have fun with it!  I play mine on my Kindle Fire HD, my iPad Mini, and my phone.

Being 50 plus years old is the best…like college, but with more money, and you can play Skip Bo all night if you want to!

Don’t forget to wear your cheaters!

Review – Striking Allegra K Tops (Colorful, Easy Care) – $10 and up

These are four of my favorite tops for perking me up on a day I’d rather stay under the covers with my pups.  They are so pretty and flowy that it’s almost like wearing a fun costume.  (I have at least six more Allegra K tops like these that I’ll review later.)

I took a chance when I ordered my first Allegra K topI mean, how good can a top be that costs only $8 – $10?  Since my first order, these tops have become a passion of mine.  I look at least once a week to see if there are new prints available.  I have received so many compliments on my Allegra K tops that I’ve decided to become a network publisher to promote them. I own every one of the tops in this review and can say that my experience ordering, wearing, and laundering them has been top notch.

 The directions say to “hand wash.”  I do NOT hand wash mine.  I wash them in Woolite and throw them into the dryer on low heat with other similar types of clothes.


Review – Longer, Thicker Lashes (with Younique 3D Fiber Mascara)

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara is one of my very, very favorite things.  It’s the real deal.  Don’t order this on Amazon or eBay because you’re probably getting a knock off of China.  Take a look at my pictures below.  If you like what you see, visit my Younique website to order.

I try to keep lots of these in stock (12 on hand today) and can ship within 48 hours or faster via Priority Mail with tracking if you want to order it direct from me.  I take PayPal and credit cards.  Here are my direct prices:

The price for one is $29 plus $2.40 tax.  If I ship it to you via Priority Mail, add $5.95 to that.  I can ship two for one shipping price of $5.95.  If you buy three, I will pay for the shipping, shipping is free.  If you buy four, I’ll pay the shipping and you will get a $5 discount.


For now, I’m not automated.  You’ll either need to send me a payment via PayPal (to brendasstone at gmail) for the amount specified for one, two, three, or four 3D Mascara set, or send an email to the same address to tell me when I can call you to get your credit card number.


Review – Professional Black Rectangle Prescription Glasses

There are some days that I can’t be whimsical.  (Boo!)

For days like that, I wear this pair, my most recent purchase ordered online from ZenniOptical.  The frames were $23.  Total drive-out for the frames and progressive bifocal lenses was $52.

I don’t have a picture of myself wearing these, but this pair is currently my best go-to pair of progressive bifocal glasses that I ordered online for days that I have to wear prescription glasses and I need to “dumb down” the fun 50s part of me.

To the left is the way my Zenni Optical Prescription looks after I put in all the information about my eyesight.

Here is another pair of serious glasses for the boardroom.

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Review – Brown and Clear Rims (Unisex) Prescription Eyeglasses from ZenniOptical

Brown Glasses - Actual - Frames $27

These are my all-time favorites…I adore these frames from ZenniOptical.  They are also a pair I paid more than usual for.  The frames were $27 and I ordered a higher grade of lenses.  Total for progressive bifocal lenses that were upgraded to 1.67 Digital Free Form Progressive (No-line multi-focal) which cost a little more.  Total drive-out for these prescription glasses were $97.

They don’t look like much in this ad, but you can see that they look differently on me.  I think they look better on me than any other business/professional frames I have.

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Review – Michael Kors Women’s Jalita Charm Sandal

One of my favorite finds!

I so enjoy this leather platform Michael Kors sandal with a rubber sole.  The heel measures approximately 3 inches.  They are round open-toe platform wedge sandals with MK charm.

For feet that have carried us through our adventures for over 50 years, these are dreamy.  I enjoy them because they provide style and height while not being too tall.  I wear them ten to twelve hours at a time and cover a lot of steps during my day.

Review — Texas A&M Engraved Maroon Game Day Glasses (

Love these glasses for Fridays (Game Days). They are great to wear because they have large clear rims and I had them engraved! They are prescription glasses, progressive bifocals, and engraved - $67.Glasses for Fridays at TAMU (Game Days). $47.

These glasses  are so much fun for Aggie football season. Love wearing them on Fridays in town and on campus for game days.  Aggies like Aggie stuff!

They are lightweight and easy to wear because they have large clear rims (doesn’t obstruct my vision)–PLUS, I had them engraved!

My fun Aggie maroon/clear glasses are sturdy prescription glasses with progressive bifocal lenses, and they are engraved on the side (“Gig ’em Aggies!”). The frames were $15.95. With the progressive lenses and engraving, total drive out was less than $67–INCLUDING express shipping, and they were delivered in less than a week.

I was in a bind when I bought these. I needed glasses fast because my right eye was developing a macular pucker and my retinal doc prescribed eyedrops that I could not use while wearing contacts. I had called the local eyeglasses outlets in College Station because I needed glasses in a hurry. I was told by all of them that my progressive bifocals would take three weeks to arrive. I know from experience that progressive bifocal eyeglasses cost $300 to  $500.

I decided to see how fast Zenni could get them to me. I was shocked that they offered express shipping and that my new glasses would arrive in less than a week — all for $47 plus express shipping and handling which was $18.95. (Regular shipping is either free, or about $5. They have always been delivered within two weeks.)

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Review – ZenniOptical Classic Colorful Wayfarer (Blue)

These are glasses that I have ordered and love from ZenniOptical.

Ugh…what a gorgeous Kodak moment!  Right after having my eyes dilated…gonna send this one to the grandkids because that’s 100% grandma stuff right there.