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Cute Reading Glasses 

Reading glasses, also known as cheaters or readers, used to be a sign of aging.  Now, they are a sign of being brilliant, wise, and a member of the Baby Boomer generation.  We’re still great consumers!  I have learned to rock a pair of reading glasses.  Here are some of my favorites.

Turquoise Reading Glasses

Don’t think of them as something like support socks to keep your feet from swelling!  Find the most colorful and audacious cheaters you can and you’ll see that people will respond quite favorably!  I work on a college campus–I wear colorful reading glasses that match my outfits.  Turquoise is my favorite summer color for readers and cheaters.

Quality Inexpensive Prescription Glasses

You can pay $300 or more at the optometrist for a plain Jane pair of glasses, or you can order adorable frames online and get them for an affordable price.  For instance, I ordered these Texas A&M Maroon Game Day Glasses  and paid $67 for them INCLUDING engraving on the side and express shipping for $18.95.

Purchase Frames Online

Did you know that you can purchase frames online and take them to your local optometrist to have your lenses made?  Oh, yes you can!  Don’t pay a fortune for cute frames if you can’t afford a designer label.


Whether you are looking for tinted reading glasses or prescription lenses, I can point you in the right direction.  Take a look at this fun array of bifocal sunglasses or prescription glasses like these that will cost you a fraction of what you normally spend.

Reviews of Glasses I have Purchased

Would you like to see some of the fun readers and prescription glasses that I enjoy wearing?  Reviews on readers are here.  Prescription glasses reviews are here.