Expert on Eyeglasses

Having a Detached Retina Made me an Expert on Cheap Eyeglasses, Stylish Readers, and Fancy Cheaters

EyeglaShe decided to wear audacious reading glasses!sses, contact lenses, and fashionable cheaters (reading glasses–not the Ashley Madison type!) are a fact of life for me.  The average price for a new pair of eyeglasses is about $500 for a standard pair of prescription lenses and frames. If you need more than one pair of glasses a year after a retina detachment, like I did,  it can run into serious investment. I had almost depleted my savings paying of tens of thousand of medical bills, so finding a way to afford prescription eyeglasses was important. Being able to see was important!

The other factor that went into my concern for finding cheap eyeglasses was my vanity. Looking good is important to me. Having a detached retina causes all kinds of aging issues to dates one’s a appearance–things that a fashion conscious woman certainly wants to avoid.

I was also a contact lens wearer and required having cheaters and readers to see anything if I wore my contacts.  I didn’t want those to date me, either. I decided if I had to wear glasses or cheaters to read, I would look good doing so.  Here is how I became an expert on buying cheap prescription eyeglasses and reading glasses that didn’t break the bank or make me look old.

On January 30, 2014, I was sitting in Casa Rodriguez in downtown Bryan with my favorite lunch special in front of me–a taco plate.  Around the table were my co-workers and we were all in a good mood, enjoying a Friday lunch out together.  Across the table sat my boss, whose face, although smiling while he told a story to the group, slowing became the focus of a surreal scene of horror. Crimson ribbons of blood slowly descended and covered his face. I was scared witless for a moment and feeling completely disoriented.  Was I having a dream?

I turned to look out the window.  The blood wasn’t just rolling down to cover my boss’s face, the crimson ribbons were flowing into the street.  I was probably in shock for a minute realizing that the  sight in my right eye was drifting away and in its place was red fog.

Oh God. My eye!  I had seen webs of floaters filling it the day before and went immediately to see my optometrist. He gave me a thorough exam, but concluded with a report that I was okay.  My eyes were fine, he said. Obviously, my optometrist was wrong.

Cutting to the chase, my retina was detaching and, to make a long story shorter, I had to have it reattached seventeen days later. That began a lengthy episode of my life that required frequent changes in my glasses prescription and alternatives to high prices charged by traditional outlets for eyeglasses.  The other problem was slow delivery of my glasses.

My detached retina also led to being dependent on wearing cheaters once I was able to wear my contact lenses again.  At the end of the day, I decided not to hate wearing reading glasses. if I had to wear readers to see, I would wear the cutest, most audacious and stylish readers that I could find.  My cheaters would match my outfits and to make a fashion statement! I began a hunt to find fashionable, colorful reading glasses at reasonable prices that would accessorize my wardrobe.

After the retina reattachment and during the healing, my eyeglasses prescription changed monthly. I was a contact lens wearer before I experienced the detached retina.  I was back in regular prescription glasses off and on for nearly a year.  Even now, I still need to switch between contacts and glasses. To purchase prescription lenses from an optometrist required me to wait two or three weeks for my glasses to come in and the prices were astronomical. After paying tens of thousands of dollars to have the retina reattachment, there was not left in my budget for new glasses every other month.

I had to find an alternative. I learned that the key to having attractive glasses to wear during that time of healing was to purchase them online.  You see, I also wanted my prescription lens glasses to be trendy and also to match my outfits.  That made it easier for this vain girl to transition to being a lass with glasses.

Rather than feeling like I was an aging 50-something woman with sensible shoes and a dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses and readers, I decided to be a trendsetter.  I love to rock a pair of prescription glasses or cheaters at bargain prices.

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