Cute Reading Glasses

Reading glasses, also known as cheaters or readers, used to be a sign of aging.  Now, they are a sign of being brilliant, wise, and a member of the Baby Boomer generation.  We’re still great consumers!

I have learned to rock a pair of reading glasses.  Here are some of my favorites:

Don’t think of them as something like support socks to keep your feet from swelling!  Find the most colorful and audacious cheaters you can and you’ll see that people will respond quite favorably!  I work on a college campus and I can’t afford to look like I’m feeling old or uncomfortable with aging.  I wear my colorful glasses with attitude!

Stick with me and I’ll help you build an affordable collection of gorgeous reading glasses that say everything except “I’m old.”  Make the color and style of your readers be as important to you as your earrings and other accessories.

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